• When putting your bibs on, ensure you pull the leg gripper all the way up and set it in the correct position before fitting the rest of the bib. This will ensure that your leg gripper stays in the right place and unnecessary force is not applied to the stitching of the bib.

• It is important to take note that your jersey is designed to be worn in the riding position. If when standing up, you find your jersey feels a bit short, do not worry as this means it will be a perfect fit when holding the bars.

• When choosing a vest size, it is important to take note of how you like your jersey fitting. If you wear your jersey skin tight, you will want to size up one size in the vest. If your jersey is more traditional fitting, the same size vest will be perfect.

• When choosing a jacket size, the best practice is to purchase the same size jacket as your preferred jersey size.

This female is 163cm (5'3") and 53kg (116lbs)
They are wearing Size XXS

This female is 172cm (5'6") and 60kg (132lbs)
They are wearing Size S

This female is 176cm (5'8") and 70kg (154lbs)
They are wearing Size L

This male is 179cm (5'9") and 62kg (136lbs)
They are wearing
Size XXS Jersey, S Bib

This male is 184cm (6'0") and 83kg (182lbs)
They are wearing
Size M Jersey, L Bib

This male is 186cm(6'1") and 95kg (210lbs)
They are wearing
Size XL Jersey, L Bib

Pro Range

The Pro Range is Pedal Mafia's flagship level of apparel. Using the most premium materials available, we have created a range that will make you ride and feel like a Pro.

- Woven aero sleeves with heat bonded grippers
- Ultra-light body fabric
- Aero zipper garage

- Oversize silicone leg gripper
- Anti chafe bracing strap
- High density chamois

Tech Range

The Tech range is the perfect fit for most cyclists. Using high quality and light weight fabrics, this range is for the everyday cyclist who wants a high performing kit, at a budget friendly price point.

- Lightweight fabric used across jersey
- Reinforced rear pockets
- Heat bonded sleeves

- TRS2 chamois foam
- 40mm tech gripper
- Ventilated bracing

Core Range

The Core range represents a great value kit with its high quality Italian fabrics, considered fit and simple design. If your just getting into cycling or looking for something that will be a staple in your kit wardrobe, this is it.

- Breathable and body moulding Italian fabric
- Heat bonded grippers
-Water resistant rear zip pocket

- Microfibre elastic fabric
- Ergonomic chamois (orange)
- Ventilated bracing